Saudade: The inspiration.

Saudade came to me in a burst of sporadic ideas. I didn’t have one story line that I pieced together. It was just several things I had thought about over several times.

But most of the ideas were formed or merged as I read Sixfeetoffine Apple’s ‘The Devil’s Bargain’ on wattpad.

Saudade: Behind the Name

Saudade is the name of my work-in-progress. What is the meaning behind the name?

Saudade: The Purpose.

That should be a guide but the issue with Saudade is that it is quickly becoming an over extended writing prompt. The clichés in the story don’t help. (But I’ll deal with that while editing😌). I took some time to think of my purpose of writing in general and I tried to see how Saudade would fit in the grand scheme of things. Come and learn a little more about the book I’m currently writing: Saudade.

Jasper Schedule

SCHEDULE: 1) Characterization: Focus on side/secondary characters. 🔸Activity: To be decided. 2) Setting: White room (The concept of characters performing action and dialogue in what seems like a white space. Lack of proper physical description) 🔸Activity: I’ll write a dialogue, action and other elements of fiction from a scene but leave out any description of…

Who knew Flash Fiction could save the day?

I spend a lot of time on wattpad and I happen to be on two wattpad writers group chat. I was scrolling through our chats one day and realized that the group had been inactive for a while. I decided to do something about it. I held a flash fiction contest and it worked. The…


The future of Nigeria’s literary scene lies in the hands of the young right? So, a young one with 21.2k reads to his wattpad book titled ‘REBELLION’ ought to be celebrated. This is my personal interview with the teen author.


UNTOLD   My heart is bruised Way more than it should I fell into sticky mud Lucky to get out It seems like stupidity had me Cause I jumped back in fully awake I took bullets for A useless cause I took stabs for A worthless reason I took  hits! kicks! Why? For a damned…