Saudade: The inspiration.

Saudade came to me in a burst of sporadic ideas. I didn’t have one story line that I pieced together. It was just several things I had thought about over several times.

But most of the ideas were formed or merged as I read Sixfeetoffine Apple’s ‘The Devil’s Bargain’ on wattpad.

Saudade: Behind the Name

Saudade is the name of my work-in-progress. What is the meaning behind the name?

Saudade: The Purpose.

That should be a guide but the issue with Saudade is that it is quickly becoming an over extended writing prompt. The clich├ęs in the story don’t help. (But I’ll deal with that while editing­čśî). I took some time to think of my purpose of writing in general and I tried to see how Saudade would fit in the grand scheme of things. Come and learn a little more about the book I’m currently writing: Saudade.

Saudade Cover Trials

One of the things I love to make is books covers- My book covers to be precise. I am not saying that I am a graphic artist legend but I do love to make those covers. I got an idea for a novella that I hope to post on this blog, once it’s finished. The name of the book is Saudade.