Saudade: The inspiration.

Saudade came to me in a burst of sporadic ideas. I didn’t have one story line that I pieced together. It was just several things I had thought about over several times.

But most of the ideas were formed or merged as I read Sixfeetoffine Apple’s ‘The Devil’s Bargain’ on wattpad.


I am a writer trying to express the world I know, see and imagine through my digital ink. And in the Nigeria I know, sex is a pretty big deal socially, spirtually and morally. Let me explain:

First Impressions

This is a collection of the most annoying things people have said to my face about what they thought about me the first time we met. I have no problem with the first but the second and third: Completely unexpected.

The Break

Anjola loves Dolapo and the moment he takes a break from his off and on relationship with her best friend’s friend, she is ready to be with him. She is determined that no one will stop her. Not even her best friend, Tobi. Dolapo was supposed to be hers from the beginning and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Men are victims too

The write up above adequately captures the mood of this post. Credit for that goes to this awesome rhymer ‘Ire.’ His social media account is @heelztheplaymaker. Often times, we hear of women saying, “He used me. He was cheating on me. I was the side chick all along.” We hear less stories of men getting…