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If you really want to know more about me or you just want to keep up with things from this blog, then you can follow the links to any one of my social media platforms. I usually follow back. But if you have something you want to discuss seriously fill the contact me page. 

So, you can reach me on:



Here is my Facebook page. You can like and follow the page because this is where I will post updates and give away certain information about my upcoming and current books.



I like Twitter because of the threads. It’s perfect for really short stories or sweet gist. I also do run polls occasionally on twitter. I’m still trying to understand it though. But it does seem like a fun place to be. So follow me on twitter.



This is a personal favourite of mine. ❤️❤️❤️ Instagram is where all the pictures come to life. My Instagram page is for posting book covers, snippets of the books, poems, pictures of myself and other things I find really interesting. It doesn’t exactly revolve around this blog. It seems to have a life of its own.

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This is the least used of all my social media accounts. I really love the Tumblr interface but I haven’t exactly figured out how to use it properly. Hopefully, I will in a couple of days or months or years. 😁 Tumblr is a nice place sometimes. You can follow this same blog on Tumblr i.e http://www.tarealsink.tumblr.com. If you have a really cool blog, I’ll follow it.

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Some people do not exactly see wattpad as a social site but it is ..at least for readers and writers… This is the place where I hone my craft.. I mean improve my writing skills and get primary feedback. I’m not famous on wattpad yet but you can be awesome and make that happen by reading, voting, sharing and commenting on my work. Did you get all that? All I’m saying is that my account has some really nice books that I would like you to read.