Saudade: The Purpose.

That should be a guide but the issue with Saudade is that it is quickly becoming an over extended writing prompt. The clichés in the story don’t help. (But I’ll deal with that while editing😌). I took some time to think of my purpose of writing in general and I tried to see how Saudade would fit in the grand scheme of things. Come and learn a little more about the book I’m currently writing: Saudade.


SEPTEMBER 14, 2014

I met a very annoying woman today. You know all those smart know it all women. This one wasn’t wearing glasses though and she wasn’t so thin and ugly. She wasn’t even dressed like a frumpy blend between a deeper life woman and a depressed teacher but she was still a know-it-all.

How To Pick A Book

The weekend is here again and in Lagos today, at least where I live, the rain is coming down in long showery strings. (Does that make any sense?). I feel that this is a very good time to pick a book to read and if you’re not reading right now, you should. But you would…