A resolution is an intention to start something at the beginning of the year while declaration is what you envision for that whole year. The difference between thinkers and doers is the difference between resolutions and declarations.
So at the start of this year, I want to urge you to make declarations for this year. Don’t just make the declarations, stick to them.


I am a writer trying to express the world I know, see and imagine through my digital ink. And in the Nigeria I know, sex is a pretty big deal socially, spirtually and morally. Let me explain:

New Year. New Month. Old Me!!

 I used to write a whole list of all the things I wanted to achieve in a year. I would write them in a piece of paper and convice myself that these would lead me to better me. How foolish I was back then.

The Art of Plating

A reblog from my E-magazine about making food LOOK Instagram or restaurant worthy.


UNTOLD   My heart is bruised Way more than it should I fell into sticky mud Lucky to get out It seems like stupidity had me Cause I jumped back in fully awake I took bullets for A useless cause I took stabs for A worthless reason I took  hits! kicks! Why? For a damned…

How To Achieve Your Goals.

We all have goals we want to achieve in life but for some reason we fail. Here are a few ways to help with achieving goals. Read it now and thank me later. 😁