Caught #1

CAUGHT: A short story of love and betrayal. This is the first of a series of posts.


Who knew Flash Fiction could save the day?

I spend a lot of time on wattpad and I happen to be on two wattpad writers group chat. I was scrolling through our chats one day and realized that the group had been inactive for a while. I decided to do something about it. I held a flash fiction contest and it worked. The … Continue reading Who knew Flash Fiction could save the day?

The Break

Anjola loves Dolapo and the moment he takes a break from his off and on relationship with her best friend's friend, she is ready to be with him. She is determined that no one will stop her. Not even her best friend, Tobi. Dolapo was supposed to be hers from the beginning and she wouldn't have it any other way.


UNTOLD   My heart is bruised Way more than it should I fell into sticky mud Lucky to get out It seems like stupidity had me Cause I jumped back in fully awake I took bullets for A useless cause I took stabs for A worthless reason I tookΒ  hits! kicks! Why? For a damned … Continue reading UNTOLD

Entry #4

September 21, Monday Today didn't go as planned. I woke up early. Very early. And I had my bath oh but just as I wanted to iron my clothes, NEPA performed miracle. They took the light. Luckily for me, mommy had already gone to work. If not, she would have beat hell out of me. … Continue reading Entry #4

Entry #3

September 20, Sunday It's me again. I'm not sure whether I feel angry 😑 or sad 😞 School is resuming tomorrow. I wonder who invented school and why? It is just terrible. Mommy was yelling at me to get all my things ready. She was angry that I had not ironed my uniform.Β  What's the … Continue reading Entry #3

Entry #2

September 17, Thursday So... Nothing much has happened between yesterday and today. 😐 Like I said, my life isn't very interesting. The only thing though is that I have to find somewhere to keep you safe from the the eyes πŸ‘€ of a certain little girl. Well.. School resumes in a few days and mommy … Continue reading Entry #2

Entry #1

So, I got myself a diary. I'm not exactly sure how it works but I do have a few things to write. 🀐

Diary of Another Girl


Who’s To Blame

Often times, when an accident almost happens, we are often quick to point fingers and pass the blame but the underlying cause of the accident is much deeper than we see. Here is an example of such an incident. See if you can answer the question at the end. πŸ›‘οΈ She mused about the long … Continue reading Who’s To Blame