Black Spot

A thousand eyes glance at me. Some see grey. Some see black. But never white. My sins, older than me, are darker than I am. My cup of blood and dirt dost runneth over. I was born in this pit of black. So to a thousand eyes I remain, An eyesore, a vice, A black … Continue reading Black Spot


Social Media Week

Have you heard of Social Media Week? Let Kim show you how to rock SMW.

First Impressions

This is a collection of the most annoying things people have said to my face about what they thought about me the first time we met. I have no problem with the first but the second and third: Completely unexpected.

Who knew Flash Fiction could save the day?

I spend a lot of time on wattpad and I happen to be on two wattpad writers group chat. I was scrolling through our chats one day and realized that the group had been inactive for a while. I decided to do something about it. I held a flash fiction contest and it worked. The … Continue reading Who knew Flash Fiction could save the day?

The Break

Anjola loves Dolapo and the moment he takes a break from his off and on relationship with her best friend's friend, she is ready to be with him. She is determined that no one will stop her. Not even her best friend, Tobi. Dolapo was supposed to be hers from the beginning and she wouldn't have it any other way.

Stare a bit deeper

Stare very deeply

Laurrie's Tales

Starting posts like this is a little bit tricky. Do I make you imagine scenarios? Do I tell you to put yourself in other people’s shoes? Should I tell a story where I was sexually harassed? Do I tell you about my friend that was sexually harassed? Do I begin with the cliche introduction “The world today is filled with so many… “. Do I generalize the males for this vice, add females because they are guilty of it too, or do I say “some people…”? Touchy subjects like this are best precise, so I’ll just skip to the point.

Lust is a sin. I’m not going to stress on that. Sexual attraction is not a sin, but objectification is just plain wrong and rape is unjustifiable.

God made us beautiful; you don’t need to be attracted to a specific gender to be able to know whether the person in…

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The future of Nigeria's literary scene lies in the hands of the young right? So, a young one with 21.2k reads to his wattpad book titled 'REBELLION' ought to be celebrated. This is my personal interview with the teen author.

The Art of Plating

A reblog from my E-magazine about making food LOOK Instagram or restaurant worthy.


UNTOLD   My heart is bruised Way more than it should I fell into sticky mud Lucky to get out It seems like stupidity had me Cause I jumped back in fully awake I took bullets for A useless cause I took stabs for A worthless reason I took  hits! kicks! Why? For a damned … Continue reading UNTOLD

How To Pick A Book

The weekend is here again and in Lagos today, at least where I live, the rain is coming down in long showery strings. (Does that make any sense?). I feel that this is a very good time to pick a book to read and if you're not reading right now, you should. But you would … Continue reading How To Pick A Book