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Starting posts like this is a little bit tricky. Do I make you imagine scenarios? Do I tell you to put yourself in other people’s shoes? Should I tell a story where I was sexually harassed? Do I tell you about my friend that was sexually harassed? Do I begin with the cliche introduction “The world today is filled with so many… “. Do I generalize the males for this vice, add females because they are guilty of it too, or do I say “some people…”? Touchy subjects like this are best precise, so I’ll just skip to the point.

Lust is a sin. I’m not going to stress on that. Sexual attraction is not a sin, but objectification is just plain wrong and rape is unjustifiable.

God made us beautiful; you don’t need to be attracted to a specific gender to be able to know whether the person in…

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The future of Nigeria's literary scene lies in the hands of the young right? So, a young one with 21.2k reads to his wattpad book titled 'REBELLION' ought to be celebrated. This is my personal interview with the teen author.

The Art of Plating

A reblog from my E-magazine about making food LOOK Instagram or restaurant worthy.


UNTOLD   My heart is bruised Way more than it should I fell into sticky mud Lucky to get out It seems like stupidity had me Cause I jumped back in fully awake I took bullets for A useless cause I took stabs for A worthless reason I took  hits! kicks! Why? For a damned … Continue reading UNTOLD

How To Pick A Book

The weekend is here again and in Lagos today, at least where I live, the rain is coming down in long showery strings. (Does that make any sense?). I feel that this is a very good time to pick a book to read and if you're not reading right now, you should. But you would … Continue reading How To Pick A Book

How To Achieve Your Goals.

We all have goals we want to achieve in life but for some reason we fail. Here are a few ways to help with achieving goals. Read it now and thank me later. 😁

Entry #4

September 21, Monday Today didn't go as planned. I woke up early. Very early. And I had my bath oh but just as I wanted to iron my clothes, NEPA performed miracle. They took the light. Luckily for me, mommy had already gone to work. If not, she would have beat hell out of me. … Continue reading Entry #4

Entry #3

September 20, Sunday It's me again. I'm not sure whether I feel angry 😡 or sad 😞 School is resuming tomorrow. I wonder who invented school and why? It is just terrible. Mommy was yelling at me to get all my things ready. She was angry that I had not ironed my uniform.  What's the … Continue reading Entry #3

Entry #2

September 17, Thursday So... Nothing much has happened between yesterday and today. 😐 Like I said, my life isn't very interesting. The only thing though is that I have to find somewhere to keep you safe from the the eyes 👀 of a certain little girl. Well.. School resumes in a few days and mommy … Continue reading Entry #2

Entry #1

So, I got myself a diary. I'm not exactly sure how it works but I do have a few things to write. 🤐