A wind down Sunday is a Sunday that you let go of all the madness from the previous week. It could also be a time of relaxation from all the stress since your last intentional relaxation period.

Sunday’s are supposed to be characterized as the beginning of the week but because of the professional and academic obligations that keep us busy during the week, we see Sundays as the end of the week (That is, if you don’t work on Sundays.)

Wind down Sundays are not like any other Sundays spent lying about. You do lazy around but this time, you’re doing it purposefully. So, we’ll call it a relaxation Sunday instead. This Sunday is required to set your body, spirit and mind at a zen state.

A wind down Sunday is basically a day when you allow yourself to relax, reflect and repair. These are the three principles of a self care Sunday.

I recently had a wind down Sunday and I can still feel the peace and calm that surrounded me on that day (By the time I get back to Lagos roads, that feeling might have evaporated but let me just hold on to it for now)

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  • A wind down Sunday helps you focus on those parts of yourself that you could have failed to pay attention to during the course of the week.
  • It helps you take a pause from the rat race of life and enjoy humanity. It gives you time to reflect inwardly and to find peace.
  • A self care Sunday feels like peace and calm and it envelopes you in a bubble of serenity. Somewhat like what I feel as I am writing this post.
  • It prepares you for a new week, allowing you to take charge like the AWESOMITE that you are.


My wind down Sunday begins with waking up early on Sunday. To do this, I have to make sure that my Saturday nights are spent preparing for a stress free Sunday.

You might wonder why I would have to wake up early on a wind down Sunday but I need to wake up with the right frame of mind to go to church. Waking up late has me rushing to catch up appointments during the day and this causes more harm that good.

I would end my Sunday nights by ironing my church clothes, polishing my shoes and trying to remember where all my Church books are.

I get a good night’s sleep so that I can be my best self on Sunday morning. Going to church with heavy eyes and a dropping spirit sets a bad vibe for my wind down Sunday.

I set the plan for my wind down Sunday after I come back from church. I don’t use my phone while I’m in church or immediately after church because that is the fastest way for me to forget that I need to dedicate some time to rest and repair. What I like to do is get home and set the plan for my the rest of my Sunday:

  • Eat Lunch
  • Wash Clothes
  • Prepare Dinner
  • Get Ready for Monday

Mind you, those aren’t the activities for my wind down time. Those are the things I need to do to get my wind down time, I try to make sure that I’m done with all of these by 8:00 pm so that my wind down time can begin.



My wind down time is just an extended ‘ME TIME’ before bed. I wind down by:

  • Doing all pre-sleeping activities except having my night bath and wearing my pyjamas
  • Finding my entertainment source: A movie on my laptop or a book would do.
  • Getting a snack. (Essential for me- but it isn’t compuslory)
  • Finding a comfortable spot My bed.
  • Sitting or laying comfortably
  • Going through my entertainment source for at least an hour
  • Giving myself a massage
  • Taking my bath
  • Putting on my pyjamas
  • Putting away entertainment source
  • Praying for the night
  • Letting my mind wander without stress because I know that I am ready for a new week.

After writing this post, I realized that my wind down Sunday is my bed time routine extended by about two hours.


  • Anything that won’t let you have a stress free Sunday has to be taken care of on Saturday night or Monday morning. If you know that doing it on Monday will cause you stress, do it as soon as possible on Sunday.
  • Keep all electronic devices, especially phones, away during the wind down period.
  • Pick one activity to get you into the relaxation state and stick to it
  • Try to avoid moving about too much
  • Food isn’t necessary but it makes the wind down period more fun.
  • Just close your eyes and sleep already.


Do you have a special relaxation routine? What do you call it and how is it done? I would really love to know. Maybe that would help me upgrade my extended bed time routine to an actual wind down period.

See you next week Wednesday, where there would be a new blog post and I would still remain your favourite Nigerian writer.

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