Why I won't be posting short stories on this blog.

Hey Awesomites. It’s your favorite Nigerian writer and today is Wednesday.

This the 2nd post of the 62 posts that I plan to publish on this blog this year.



Today’s post was supposed to be a short story like Seven Years or Shattered By Midnight but I struggle to keep a short story short.

When I started writing the story meant for today’s post, I knew it was not supposed to be more than 1000 words but I am currently above 2000. I can’t tell the exact number because I am writing in my blogging notebook. So, I can only give an estimate of the total amount of words.

Why I may not be publishing short stories on my blog anymore?

  1. I could decided to keep the story, then publish it whenever I finish but if I did that, it would probably take another two weeks to finish writing the story. Then I’d have to edit it. That means that I won’t get to post this Wednesday.I don’t think you would like to scroll down and read a blog post that is over 3000 words of just fiction. My best friend advised me to break it down into several posts but several posts would mean several updates and more work.I’ve had the idea for a collection of short stories for a while. I want to gather a personal anthology of short stories by the end of this year. I realize that I have too many ideas in my head and since I still struggle to finish the novels I already have on Wattpad, I don’t want to keep the ideas in my head. I feel like my head might explode if I don’t tell the stories in my head.Short stories allow me to practice the elements of fiction. While I write a novel, I don’t have the freedom to experiment with the various elements of fiction but with short stories I can do that. I hope this will help me become a better writer. I don’t see myself becoming a better writer in place where I don’t receive constructive criticism.

Maybe, when this blog is much bigger than this, I might consider posting short stories on here but until further notice, all short stories on this blog would be posted as a Wattpad book called SCRIBBLES.Curry Dishes Pinterest Graphic.png

Scribbles is a book that will hold all the short stories that I will write this year. I hope that I can at least write a story a month. I might even consider writing some poems as I go along. The reason I’m hosting Scribbles on Wattpad is because I have better engagement there. I would really appreciate it if you joined me on my scribbling journey. 

I’ll post a link to the book on the next blog post. (Hopefully, by then, I would have finished the short story).

I’m  sorry that this post does not have my usual moxy. This was a last minute post. I saw that I wouldn’t be able to deliver on the short story so I decided to write something else in its place.

If you have any suggestions of how I can better handle publishing short stories on this blog or if you have any ideas for Scribbles, I’ll like to hear it in the comment box down there.

Until next week Wednesday, keep being awesome.

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