Saudade: Behind the Name

Most book titles have great sounding names that ring deep. Book titles that somehow capture the whole essence of a story and still strike a chord in a reader’s mind. Book titles could also be seen as a product name. They should be memorable.If you’ve been following my blog, you know that Saudade is the name of my work in progress (WIP). I wrote on the purpose of the book and book covers trials are posts on this blog. This post is all about why I choose Saudade as my book title.

Saudade: [Porutugese] A feeling of longing for someone or something that has been lost.

Saudade by Philip Tarimoboere Quote #1
What does Saudade mean in this book?
About the book:

Saudade is supposed to be a contemporary romance novella about a project manager who takes up a contract based job in Lagos, Nigeria. She finds herself involved in a cooperate battle between her boss and his brother who try to outdo each other as production heads of the same company. I was inspired by a wattpad novel ‘The Devil’s Bargain‘ by sixfeetoffineapple

Before the name:

Before I choose this name, I went through several names. I can barely remember the suggestions but I tossed most of them away because they:

  • did not capture the essence of the story.
  • were cliche.
  • Unattractive.
  • were unoriginal
Why Saudade?

I must admit that I failed to do a basic research before I choose the name Saudade.

All I had was a Portuguese word I loved.I came across the word Saudade, when I heard Cesaria Evario’s song on the radio.

I 💖 the word and the song.

I believe that it captures a special theme in the book.

Saudade, in my story, is all about longing.

  • A longing for family.
  • A longing for approval and acceptance.
  • A longing for fulfilment

I should have done a brief search before I choose the book title to make sure it was ‘unclaimed.’

I did the search after choosing the name and making the cover. It turns out that there are many creative works that bear the same name. They are mostly music titles.

It doesn’t matter though. I love the name Saudade and I hope that you see the reason when you read the book.

Let me know what you think about it.

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