Saudade: The Purpose.

Every book has a purpose, whether it is a fiction book, school textbook or some other nonfiction piece of writing strung together to cover a topic. The purpose of nonfiction books and school books are not too hard to figure out but when it comes to fiction, the purpose is not always be written in clear black and white letters.

I like to believe that you can find the purpose of a book in the way the characters act and react to the story. At the end of that day, what is constant in their battle to get what they want? Is it a battle against society? Is it love? Is it their need to satisfy self over religion or vice versa?

It is with these thoughts that I try to find the purpose behind Saudade. I am the writer. I ought to know what themes or issues I wish to address or at least what I want to leave my readers thinking of. It while reading the book ‘how to blog a book’ that I realized that I wasn’t too sure of what Saudade was supposed to address.

My bitmoji stares at you with a question mark floating above her head.
What exactly is the purpose?

Considering the fact that I’m already ten chapters into the book, it doesn’t make sense that I don’t know why I am writing Saudade. It was quickly seeming like the book was becoming just another one of those cheap fiction that could be read and tossed away the next minute. I’m not hoping to write the next classic but I want my books to be more than just stories for entertainment.

I want to bring issues in the society to light and show how different people from different backgrounds deal with them.That should be a guide but the issue with Saudade is that it is quickly becoming an over extended writing prompt. The clichés in the story don’t help. (But I’ll deal with that while editing😌). I took some time to think of my purpose of writing in general and I tried to see how Saudade would fit in the grand scheme of things.

The Purpose Of Saudade- For Myself

  1. Write an interesting Nigerian story.
  2. Show that romance isn’t all about flowers, sex and dating.
  3. Flex my writing skills.
  4. Complete a project before uploading.
  5. Deal with some of the clichés involved in office romance.
  6. Have a book uploaded on my blog.

The purpose of Saudade- For readers.

This has been that hardest part for me. I know what I want Saudade to do for me. But what can it do for my readers? I have no idea. But here are a list of possible things I hope I can do:

  1. Give them sometime to experience life as someone else for as long as they read.
  2. Show the value of promises.
  3. Write realistic fiction

I still haven’t figured it out. I hope I can find out what other things I can offer to my readers before I have to begin posting but even if I don’t, I’m fine with that. If all they get is an entertaining book, with great characters, that’s enough for me for now.

Next on Saudade

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