Saudade Cover Trials

One of the things I love to make is books covers- My book covers to be precise. I am not saying that I am a graphic artist legend but I do love to make those covers.

I have images upon images that I have downloaded from free photo websites like pexels, Unsplash and Pixabay. I have all these images for book covers that I might make. I also have tons of covers for books that I have ideas of.

I got an idea for a novella that I hope to post on this blog, once it’s finished. The name of the book is Saudade (A love relationship book).

Saudade: [Porutugese] A feeling of longing for someone or something that has been lost. More on that later.

I just want you to see the covers that I made. Keep in mind that these covers may not be the final cover.

These were the pictures I used.

Woman smiling
Woman smiling
Man in suit
Man in suit
Couple walking on a beach shilouette
Couple on a beach

First Cover

Saudade Cover 1
Saudade cover: Woman only

I wasn’t sure about the concept of the title and I had just crafted the story title after a brief search through my phone gallery. (Yes, I have pictures of words and their meanings on my phone.)

I had to scrap this because the cover does not convey the mood of the book. The colours are too bright and they give a beachy feel. Saudade is supposed to convey longing,not a happy day. I also didn’t like the font of my name. It was too bold and curly. Not my style.

Second Cover

Saudade Cover: Couple
Saudade Cover: Couple

So, I decided to go with the couple photo because it looked calm and you can imagine the lovers walking on the beach and talking. I worked on the hue, saturation and contrast to obtain this purplish look because I feel like it fits in with the genre and mood. I added a bit of a teaser with the sub text under the tittle. (Yeah me😸)

But after staring at it for several minutes, I decided that I didn’t like it because it was too basic. I wasn’t challenged while designing this and it looks just like every other cover you can find on the bookshelf. It’s not that bad. But it also isn’t that exciting.

Third cover

Saudade Cover: Man and woman

So this cover came about by a lot of experimenting. After I ditched the second cover, I decided to try using the man’s picture. It looked really good with the font but I knew that his picture alone in that purplish filter was not enough to show what Saudade stands for.

I decided to try a double exposure kind of effect. I’ve been seeing it on my Pinterest feed lately.

I thought, “Why not try it out?”

I threw in the picture of the woman, played with it’s transparency and viola, a third cover.


This is obviously not the end for the Saudade cover making but it’s a good start. I want to know what you think of the covers and if you have any constructive criticism, please feel free to comment.

Next on Saudade

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