Jasper Schedule


1) Characterization: Focus on side/secondary characters.

🔸Activity: To be decided.

2) Setting:

White room (The concept of characters performing action and dialogue in what seems like a white space. Lack of proper physical description)
🔸Activity: I’ll write a dialogue, action and other elements of fiction from a scene but leave out any description of physical setting. I will only give an idea of the setting at the top (e.g the basement at night). They are to infuse the setting in the scene.

3) Scene:

How to pack a punch by including character goals, stakes and conflict. (I thought of this based on a bland scene I saw about a girl preparing for her first college party.)
🔸Activity: Rewrite the scene to reveal the characters goal, include the conflict as well as the stake.

4) Writing:

Purple Prose (What it is and how and why to avoid it.)
🔸Activity: (Because it is the fourth week, it is a group thing) Share your work and ideas as well as make suggestions and tips.

5) Pacing:

Keeping to a timeline. Keeping to time so that it doesn’t seem like your story is a black hole of time.
🔸Activity: To be decided.

6) P.O.V:

Maintaining distinctive character voices between scenes.
🔸Activity: I will give a scene. They are to describe the scene from any two of the five characters presented.

7) Punctuation: Exclamation marks and capital letters to depict yelling in fiction.
🔸Activity: To be decided.


Authors platform. The why and the basics as well as which platforms work best.
🔸 Activity: (1) Your accountability partner would assess your author platform of existent and make suggestions on the group. (2) I will post the link to two authors platform, an established and an upcoming writer. They are to compare the differences as well as make suggestions for the upcoming writer.

9) Characterization:

What makes a character thick. An analysis of a character’s back story, flaw, goal, quirks, preceptions and motivation.
🔸Activity: They will be presented with three stereotypical characters and they will be asked to flesh them out. Make them thick. It should be called ‘Break the stereotype.’


World building. Some tips and tricks to realistically physical setting.
🔸Activity (1) Design your protagonist’s room by words. You can draw it to guide you.
(2) describe your protagonist’s workspace or school or wherever they spend a lot of time.

11) Grammar:

Making fiction come to life with adverbs.
🔸Activity: Rewrite a drab piece. Bring it to life.

12) The importance of networking: benefits, dangers and precautions.

🔸(1) List networking groups you know of or are part of.
(2) Join Jasper’s Pinterest board.
(3) Change accountability partner.
(4) Share your experience with your former accountability partner on the group.

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