My heart is bruised

Way more than it should

I fell into sticky mud

Lucky to get out

It seems like stupidity had me

Cause I jumped back in fully awake

I took bullets for

A useless cause

I took stabs for

A worthless reason

I took  hits! kicks!


For a damned sake!

I hate that I thought once

Talk less of thinking twice!

I rage that I stopped

After I ran as fast as I could

Not only did I stop

I mean that could have been okay

But I turned around!!

And I began taking steps back

Dumb steps!!!!

Was like my neurons were smashed

Because I retraced back

To a reeking vomit

Must have been the dumbest thinking creature

How could I even do such

It’s like leaving a mansion

to a pig style


I’ve been filling the regret jar

Like a donor giving pints of blood

To a leukemia patient

I said it before

I wrote it before

But  I lied to myself

And I didn’t seal it

But now its a song of my every second

I’m gonna stamp and seal

No more naivety

No more stupidness

You can’t be going in and out a muddy pothole

I rather roll on a dusty floor

Than step into this mud


With all the negative emotions

I spit on you!


Often times we make mistakes and then regret our choice.

Sometimes, we find it hard to forgive ourselves and overcome our guilt but we still fall into the same mistake.

The girl in the poem above was in the same situation. She struggled until she finally shook off the hold of the mistake she made. She forgave herself and  moved on with her life only for her to fall back to that same mistake.

This single act brought back all the regrets, hurt, feeling of disgust and anger that she could even think of falling back in. With this she makes up her mind to get back up this time never to return to that mistake of a person.




BESIDES being a student of Political Science Department, University of Lagos, Ovuefe Williams finds time to pen down her thoughts and experience through worded verse. This poem is one of several others she has written. This young woman aspires to change the word with her words and it is no surprise that most of her writings are inspirational or thought provoking.

You can reach her on FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM


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