Entry #1

September 16th, Wednesday



So I’m not sure how this should go. Am I supposed to introduce myself? Am I supposed to name you? Barbie didn’t name her diary.

Well.. Then eh.. My name is Wariebi. I’m a twelve year old Ijaw girl living in Lagos. I can’t speak my language and I like reading.

Also I have an annoying younger sister and I hope she doesn’t find you. I can remember what she did to my comprehension note in primary 3. My teacher never believed I wasn’t the one who wrote stupid teacher in my note. The only thing I did was trace what my sister wrote and i’m sure that I cleaned it off later. Oh yeah. I also love tracing

I know a lot of people might think that I am childish because I still adore Barbie. 😍😍 My other friends(and I don’t have a lot of them) think I’m crazy because I want to be like her but really, is it such a big deal that I enjoy what Barbie does and who she is? That’s why I’m glad I have a friend like Ugochi.

Ugochi is my best friend. She also adores Barbie. She likes Hannah Montana and Camp Rock. I haven’t watched either of those films yet but she said they were amazing and I agree with her because she is always right. It is Ugochi afterall.

I might show her this diary or maybe not because she finds it hard to keep a secret but then again, what secret could I possibly have? My life is pretty boring.. Very average and I doubt anything worth reading about would happen. It’s not like I will discover that I am some long lost magical princess. Or am I?

It really doesn’t matter because nothing interesting ever happens and I doubt that would change if I were to become a princess. So. This is basically just another diary about another silly average girl. Afterall, I am just another girl.

💮From the one who thinks there is nothing worth writing in this book💮