Hey Awesomites. It’s your favourite Nigerian writer. I’ve been thinking of starting digital drawing and thanks to Inkscape (a digital drawing program), I can finally practice all the things I’m supposed to learn from the cartooning books I have. I am yet to read most of these books. Well, reading isn’t the word because you…


Wind down Sundays are not like any other Sundays spent lying about. You do lazy around but this time, you’re doing it purposefully. So, we’ll call it a relaxation Sunday instead. This Sunday is required to set your body, spirit and mind at a zen state.

A wind down Sunday is basically a day when you allow yourself to relax, reflect and repair. These are the three principles of a self care Sunday.


Today, instead of a book review about Hard Times, you’ll be receiving a blog post of The Stereotypical Nigerian character of the characters in Charles Dickens’ Hard Time. Mind you, I’ve not finished the book so don’t expect the stereotypes to be dynamic.
The book HARD TIMES is divided into three parts and this part of the story that truly reveals these characters does not unfold until the second part.


A resolution is an intention to start something at the beginning of the year while declaration is what you envision for that whole year. The difference between thinkers and doers is the difference between resolutions and declarations.
So at the start of this year, I want to urge you to make declarations for this year. Don’t just make the declarations, stick to them.

2019 Year End Report

Hey, it’s me your favorite Nigerian blogger. I know it’s a little too early to give a year end report and it is a little weird that I would just pop out of the blues, after my last post, Saudade: The Inspiration was published 4 months ago.

The biggest problem that I had with blogging was the same issue I had with my first, second and third blogs

Saudade: The inspiration.

Saudade came to me in a burst of sporadic ideas. I didn’t have one story line that I pieced together. It was just several things I had thought about over several times.

But most of the ideas were formed or merged as I read Sixfeetoffine Apple’s ‘The Devil’s Bargain’ on wattpad.

Saudade: The Purpose.

That should be a guide but the issue with Saudade is that it is quickly becoming an over extended writing prompt. The clichés in the story don’t help. (But I’ll deal with that while editing😌). I took some time to think of my purpose of writing in general and I tried to see how Saudade would fit in the grand scheme of things. Come and learn a little more about the book I’m currently writing: Saudade.

Saudade Cover Trials

One of the things I love to make is books covers- My book covers to be precise. I am not saying that I am a graphic artist legend but I do love to make those covers. I got an idea for a novella that I hope to post on this blog, once it’s finished. The name of the book is Saudade.