It’s Not About Me

Essentially, the event wasn’t about me. It was about her and it was selfish of me to turn attention from her to one stinkingly stupid problem. Afterall, I didn’t have to go inside an Indonesian volcano to rescue rocks for a few dollars.

False Targets and Easier Routes

The real reason I took the easier route, which left me with more problems, was because I wasn’t seeing any progress initially with my typing accuracy. Till this day, I still have bad typing habits that I picked up from taking shortcuts while typing.

Shortcuts often come with false targets.

Men; the Good, the Bad and the Truth

We now see them as wolves and when all the wolves you’ve seen come in sheep’s clothing, we start to assume that all sheep are really wolves in disguise.

When Family and Friends don’t Support Your Business

Today, we shall begin with a story. Catherine would cater her cousin’s wedding. She would provide 250 plates of rice, plantain and one lap of turkey. She usually charged 75,000 naira for this service but because it was a family business, she charged 60,000 naira meaning she was making little to no profit. Sad right?…

3 Lessons I Learnt While Designing Book Covers

We all judge a book by its cover.  Even though there is a popular saying that we shouldn’t. I guess the person who first said that has never walked into a bookstore with a limited budget and time pressure to pick a book before the store closes.  The tension.  The drama.  The sweat running down…

Jesus Versus Zeus

It amazes me that people think similarity of spelling always equates relationship and origin.

I want to dive a bit deeper into whether Jesus and Zeus are related and I would love you to come along with me.

Brain Drain and Insecurity

Where is Leah Sharibu? Or has the government forgotten one of their own children in the hands of the bandits. No, I forgot. They don’t have children. Not in this country.

Late Mornings

I dedicate this poem to people who like to sleep in late because I understand the struggle of wanting to find a quiet space when the whole world is awake and moving, especially if you worked over night.  

Types of Readers

I am not a fan of university textbooks but I know people who would rather fry eggs in a refrigerator than read fiction. There are a wide spectrum of readers in the world and today we will be discovering who they are.

Why you should Learn while Creating

I would really like to know which of these three categories of humans you fall under.

1)Those who read the manual.
2)Those who don’t read the manual (I belong here)
3)Those who create their own manual.

How does someone create their own manual. Wouldn’t it be wise to follow the specifications from the manufacturer since the he/she knows best? Well, I believe creating your own manual is the best route.