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Hey you,

Welcome to my blog. I am Philip Blessing Tarimobere, a writing nerd who currently has two ongoing web novels. I’m also the owner of this amazing blog. Tareal’s Ink is a place where I share my work of fiction, rants, thoughts and everything in between.

Tareal’s Ink is a page for my digital ink and I am so glad to have you on this page.

A Little More About Me:

I’m an undergradate at the department of Mass Communication, University of Lagos where I’m learning everything I need to become either an Advert Guru or the World’s Best Journalist (I haven’t decided which yet).

I’m a child of God and a lover of Jesus. I spend some of my my time doodling and I also serve as the ambassador of a subgroup in Fresh writers Community. For now, I write romance and young adult.

But there is so much more to me than this

I also have a special note for you

What you can find on Tareal’s Ink

You can find my writings. But it’s not that simple, because I write a lot of things. Like I said, I’m a writing addict. But here’s a little road map to find your way around this blog. On this blog, you can:

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Whatever you choose to explore, I hope my words strike a chord in you and make you sing heavenly choruses.

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